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Bill Gates' Viral Video: GatesLetter.com (Late ... - YouTube

Bill Gates wants to promote his website, GatesLetter.com, with a viral video, but Jimmy doesn't think they have time to make one. http://www.GatesLetter.com Subscribe ...


When salting an icy road costs you your dignity!

This man tried to make the walkway safer by salting the icy road. But seems like even the salt was not enough to prevent him from a hilarious fall!


4 Ways to Make a Viral Video - wikiHow

How to Make a Viral Video. Today, the viral video is perhaps the form of online entertainment with the greatest global reach. The most popular viral videos are viewed by hundreds of millions (sometimes even over a billion) from all over...


YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts – ALAN ...

Description. Want to make a splash on YouTube? Even go viral? You’ve come to the right place. This book is written by two veteran ‘Tubers who live their art and know what they’re talking about – especially Alan Lastufka, a.k.a. “fallofautumndistro,” who, in 2008, had over 50,000 YouTube subscribers and over 6 million views.


REVOLUCION DIGITAL (Video Oficial) - VIRAL - YouTube

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Viral Film Video

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Viral phenomenon - Wikipedia

Viral phenomena are objects or patterns that are able to replicate themselves or convert other objects into copies of themselves when these objects are exposed to them. They get their name from the way that viruses propagate. This has become a common way to describe how thoughts, information, and trends move into and through a human population.


Rodney King Beating VIDEO ©George Holliday. FIRST EVER ...

Rodney King Beating Video is a videotape filmed by George Holliday that turned what would otherwise have been a violent, but soon forgotten, encounter between Los Angeles police and Rodney King into the most widely watched and discussed incidents of its kind.


How Many Views Do You Need to Be Viral ... - Will Video ...

A few years ago, a video could be considered “viral” if it hit a million views. Now I’d like to propose a more stringent definition, and tell you that President Obama meets the criteria.


How a ‘Cancer Cure’ Video Blasted Bad Science—and Went ...

A ‘Cancer Cure’ Video Skewered Bad Science—and Went Viral Itself


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