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For a lone potoo, or brooding adult with an active predator close to the nest, the best course to avoid detection is to remain motionless and rely on camouflage. In the case of more distant, localized threat, however, the risks resulting from very gradual movement by an adult are exceeded by the less cryptic nesting.


Potoo | bird genus | Britannica.com

Potoo: Potoo, (genus Nyctibius), any of seven species of solitary, nocturnal birds of the American tropics. Its name imitates the wailing cry, “po-TOO,” made by some species. The potoos’ complex patterns of gray, black, and brown plumage resemble tree bark. During the day, the birds sleep, vertically



The Potahto Lovers of Manitoba are passionate potahto advocates brought together for a common and delicious cause: to educate the public on the many health benefits of potahtoes.


Potatohoe | Lexx Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Potatohoe is a small, but proud, planet in the Light Universe, hidden by the Great Ion Veil. Its inhabitants grow and eat only potatoes. They achieved their first space flight only days before it got destroyed in Lexx 2.03 "Lyekka" by Mantrid Drones.


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Pho Hot is an unadorned restaurant with fine service. The parking lot is crammed, but we found a spot, and luckily the restaurant wasn't too busy early Friday night. You can mix the meats for your pho, and the sliced steak and beef ball pho was on its way to me in no time.


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