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Coughing up blue mucus - What Does the Doctor Say?

Coughing up blue mucus - I've had a coughand sore throat for a couple of weeks, but today I noticed that when I cough up mucus it is blue. Its been like this all day.


Blue mucus nose - Things You Didn't Know - HealthTap

Blue mucus nose - I blew my nose & had clear mucus with a navy blue streak inside it. I have had a mild cold for a couple of days & inside right nostril hurts at random?


Blue Film - YouTube

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Mucus can turn blue because of a certain bacteria called ...

Hey y'all! My boyfriend begged me not to post pictures of my snotty tissues on Reddit but... **I was blowing my nose today and noticed there...


Sinus Infection Treatment - SinusWars

Sinus Infection Treatment : ... Blue/Green Nasal Mucus: The microorganism pseudomonas is usually responsible turning nasal mucus blue/green in color.


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what does BLUE phlegm mean? | Yahoo Answers

im really confused. not particularly tho but anyways earlier i had this phleghm in the back of my throat so i spat it and it was blue?? i just wondered if anyone else had experience this.


Why am I coughing up blue mucus? | Yahoo Answers

I have been sick for a week with like severe cold/flu symptoms but I am starting to get better. All I have now is a major cough with mucus that comes out, usually bright green mucus, but today it was blue.


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